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Intelligent manufacturing leads industrial innovation in Linxi County: all-round upgrading of the bearing industry

Abstract: Linxi County, as an important base for bearing manufacturing, has successfully created new advantages in "intelligent manufacturing" of bearings through industrial upgrading and intelligent transformation in recent years. At the same time, urban construction in the county has also been steadily improving, and urban renewal projects and public facility construction have been significantly strengthened, laying a solid foundation for the integrated development of urban and rural areas.

Linxi County, known as the "industrial joint" bearing industry center, has 1,389 bearing production and sales companies, and its products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world. In 2023, Linxi County will grasp the key to industrial upgrading, use the advantages of the park, strengthen the construction of the industrial chain, and strive to create new advantages for high-quality development.

In the I5 smart factory of Hebei Chengwei Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., through intelligent transformation, production efficiency and product accuracy have been improved, and costs have been significantly reduced. This transformation is crucial to improving the competitiveness of Linxi County's bearing industry.

Linxi County has promoted the "Five Ones" project of industrial transformation and upgrading, concentrated its efforts on cultivating industrial clusters and leading enterprises, and improved the overall strength of industrial clusters. In addition, Linxi County actively guides enterprises to build "smart factories" and promotes the industry to move towards high-end manufacturing and core technology fields.

As a pioneer in technological innovation, Hebei Bearing Industry Technology Research Institute provides strong technical support for the bearing industry and promotes the high-end, intelligent and green industry. The rapid development of Linxi County's bearing industry has been widely recognized and it has become one of the important bearing production bases in the country.

In terms of urban construction, Linxi County has not only improved the urban environment but also improved the quality of life of residents through the implementation of projects such as the construction of the city's water system and the "Grand Canal String of Pearls Plan". The newly opened hospital, the East Ring Road that was successfully opened to traffic, and the stadium project have further enriched the city's functions.

In short, Linxi County is rapidly transforming into a modern city through the intelligent transformation and industrial upgrading of the bearing industry, as well as the overall improvement of urban construction, fully demonstrating its important role in regional development.